Blaž Golob

President and CEO European Blockchain Hub & EUNEX  |  E (Eunex Group) at EUNEX, Slovenia    


I am fully committed to manage the European Blockchain Hub to become the leading multi-stakeholders platform for solving societal challenges. As a Chairman of GFS Institute and Ljubljana Forum on Future of Cities I would like to strengthen the co-operation with various strategic partners worldwide. I am passionate about Europe and digital entrepreneurship. I believe that disruptive technologies and new business models will bring about prosperity and well being.

With a start-up company SmartIScity Ltd we designed digital platform & applications for development of smart cities. According to the Silicon Valley CIO Review, SmartIScity Ltd. was selected between 20 most promising Smart City solution providers in 2016.

From 1996 I organised 15 forums on Future of Europe in Bled Slovenia, Ljubljana and in Brussels at the European Parliament. As an expert for EU affairs, digital transformation and governance I was a member of the European Commission EU Strategic Policy Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship and SFRI Strategic Foresight for Research & Innovation of the EU (2014 - 2016). I graduated at University of Ljubljana and specialized on European Law at Cambridge University.

As a founding director of a public-private partnership education & training institution CeGD Center for eGovernance Development for South East Europe inaugurated by Bill Gates and Angela Merkel at Berlin leadership forum during the Slovenian EU Presidency in 2008. Together with his team he invented CeGD unique eGovernance model of 7 ePillars that was shared by 350 top experts/partners worldwide. CeGD influenced information society development in 87 different countries with the inclusion of 3.000 customers/partners. CeGD accomplished its mission in September 2014.

Specialties: Blockchain and DTL (Distributed Ledger Technologies) Management, Governance, Information Society Development, European Law, Institution setting & Policy making, Foresight (futures studies)

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